FAMILY 5 Guatemala Reforms / Latin American Liberal Forum.
Speech offered at the “5 Reforms for hope” event in Highland, Utah on October 3, 2019.

Good evening dear friends and families of Utah.

First of all, I want to thank God for the opportunity to share with you. I also want to thank to Debora Fletcher and her family for all their support and thanks to you for let me say a few words by this remote way.

<<Te intersará leer: Deroguemos la cultura del cumpli-Miento>>

Let me take advantage of this opportunity and answer two questions: Who am I and why do I promote the 5 Reforms for Guatemala and Latin America?

I'm barely 40 years old ... I'm still very young. I was born in a Catholic Christian family. I graduated as a bachelor of science and literature and subsequently studied agronomy, with an emphasis on "renewable natural resources." At 21 I started working on a Finland-Guatemala cooperation project, promoting forest management in natural coniferous forests. Since then, forest management and forests have been the basis of my business development.

In 2005, while working for the Instituto Nacional de Bosque (INAB), I had the opportunity to work in the Programa de Incentivos Forestales (PINFOR), a government program that offered subsidies to establish forest plantations in the country. At that time, I was very identified with the underlying idea of having to give those above to “spill” support for those below… I believed in that famous Trickle-down theory.

Also, in those days, while I turned 26, without intending to, I noticed the existence of some ideas that I had never heard before. Curiously, neither in school, nor in my family or in the University. They were the ideas of classical liberalism, the political doctrine which support the Principles of limited government, free markets and private property!

I started listening to them on the radio and then I started reading about them. Each time I deepened my knowledge more self-taughtly. I began a stage of "careful observation" of reality, of the countryside, in the forests, of the behavior of the people, of the acting and thinking of the bureaucrats and of how that system worked.

Very soon I realized how those ideas, based on the defense of life, freedom and private property, were not the ones that supported environmental public policies and, of course, not my work. In 2008 I began studying my master's degree in environmental economics. Also, at the state university, the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. I soon also found that the predominant ideas belonged to the doctrine of Socialism.

My master's thesis was a true intellectual challenge and an irreverence to the academic and business status quo. In it I strongly criticized the perverse system of forest subsidies, denouncing them as what it was: Privileges for some, at the expense of others. I supported my conclusions about classical liberal theory, referring to authors such as Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig Von Mises and Israel Kirzner. Finally, in 2013 I graduated as a Master in Environmental Economics.

Already at that time I had read Professor Alberto Mansueti, to who I knew in 2006 through his book Las Leyes Malas. That book opened my mind to the real problem: the social-mercantilist system, or statism. Since 2006 I maintain a constant communication and learning with Professor Mansueti, who by the way sends you a friendly greeting from Guatemala City.

In 2013 I cofounded an environmental think tank, which name is Rana, like Frog in English. Through this institution I began to promote the free market environmentalism. I also began my academic career like professor of Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

On January 1, 2016, after learning for 10 years about classical liberalism and understanding that the really important thing was to change the System, I decided to promote the program of the 5 Reforms for Guatemala. In that year the I Foro Liberal de América Latina would be held, in Santiago, Chile, becoming there the representative of the 5 Reforms for Guatemala.

That 2016 was a year dedicated to the creation and training of a work team. In January 2017, we decided on the name and logo that the now political Party in formation would wear: FAMilia. I participated in the II Foro Liberal de América Latina in Lima, Peru and in August of the same year, with only three members as a team, we decided to organize the III Foro Liberal de América Latina in Guatemala City in March 2018.

Dr. Václav Klaus, former president of the Czech Republic and current honorary President of the Foro Liberal de América Latina, would attend this forum. I would learn a lot from him that week from March 12 to 18. That forum would help us consolidate a team of 14 people, which we would call Genesis and on whom the most important leadership of the 5 Reforms in Guatemala now falls. By the way, from them, our colleagues, also a very warm greeting.

From 2018 to date we continue to learn and activate politically. We use the FOPRA method, an acronym that means Training, Organization, Propaganda, Collection (of funds) and Political Action. Under this method of political management, we have been growing in quality (first) of members and supporters, and then in quantity.

On July 12 we met Debora Fletcher personally. And well, here we are today ... trying to inspire Action, in the right direction: the change of System in Latin America.

Today, in addition to being an environmental entrepreneur, an academic and a father who do homeschool, I am also a classic liberal politician. Aware of the need for new leadership, I try to inspire, teach and commit more people to political action in favor of classical liberalism.

And that is why I promote the 5 Reforms, because it is the only intelligent way to move towards a system of Capitalism for Everyone. Only that system of government and economy will create the conditions to significantly reduce misery, violence, corruption and ignorance; to significantly reduce irregular migration to the United States. Only a system like that will allow us to "pursuit our happiness" without harming others. Only liberal Capitalism is able to offer Hope for Guatemalans.

I hope my testimony is useful to inspire your political action!
Thank you very much for your attention!